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3d bim modeling services

BIM modeling is a service provided by karnoenergy for designing buildings and structures for any purpose. Such modeling in comparison with traditional design gives several advantages to the customer at once:

  • ability to create a 3D model of a future structure with the ability to adjust the architectural appearance, implement additional solutions after analyzing and identifying shortcomings;
  • elimination of errors and information loss due to the implementation of the principle of collective work in the framework of joint groups of specialists in various fields, which increases the overall quality of design;
  • reduce overall design time by working simultaneously with different specialists;
  • simplification of engineering system design and equipment selection;
  • easy specification generation by automating the process;
  • ability to calculate environmental and economic parameters of the building in advance.

Performing BIM design allows you not only to create a new building and structure, but also to prepare a number of analytical reports (for example, analysis of energy efficiency, solar radiation), develop a master plan, and perform other operations with minimal time costs.

At the same time, BIM design is an expensive technology that requires the purchase of specific software, training personnel to work with it, so not every project organization will «pull» such re-equipment. As a result, it is still more reasonable to contact a company that provides BIM design services for buildings, and our company Terra belongs to this category.


Calculation of the cost of construction before the start of project work

Reduced design time

Putting the facility into operation 3 months ahead of schedule

Reduced construction costs by 10-30%


We offer services in BIM design of any complexity of buildings and structures. In General, the procedure includes the following steps:

  • pre-project development, including information modeling to assess the specifics of the building, obtain primary information about it, and identify possible problems in further design;
  • development of project documentation for passing the expert examination, including preparation of plans, sections and isometric diagrams, calculations of engineering systems;
  • preparation of working documentation with a high degree of detail, with the exact spatial position and dimensions of individual elements, displaying solutions for construction and installation works, including the location of individual elements of engineering systems with power consumption, pressure losses and other data.

At the stage of preparation of working documentation во during BIM design, there is a constant monitoring for errors in the formation of the object, whichensures a high degree of reliability of the finished project, minimizes possible flaws. All this will allow you to get a high-quality package of documents for construction and installation work.


When you apply for building design services from karnoenergy 3d bim modeling services you get several advantages at once:

  • ability to develop projects of structures and buildings of any degree of complexity;
  • tight deadlines for completing work, regardless of the specifics of the object;
  • an affordable design price;
  • guarantee of high quality and fast passing of the expert examination.

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